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Sales Partnerships: Are they right for you?

Uncategorized Jun 04, 2021

Partners can accelerate growth in your startup.  They can also stunt your business if you choose the wrong one.

A good partnership, where the same skills are shared by those involved, can help you amplify your capabilities when needed.  A great partnership where skills and capabilities are complementary, can allow you to spread resources and deliver more value than either person(s) could accomplish on their own.

In sales, and in life, it is important to leverage the strengths of the team.  The collective intelligence of the group provides an opportunity to learn from experience, minimize failures, prevent stalls, and increase your success.

Determining if a Partner Approach is the Way to Go

Focus on the business outcome.  Are you looking to expand to a new market/vertical? Are you looking to expand the size of your team? How do you plan to grow?  What’s the risk in testing new markets?  What’s the risk in hiring too fast for an emerging...

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