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Sales is a Thinking Process™

It's time to change the way you think about your customers, your business, your approach, and sales in general.

Grow your business with improved processes, methods, skills, and established frameworks.  Demystify Sales - will help you design an approach that's right for you and your business.

Let's simplify sales and get to work!


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A defined process can make all the difference. It is repeatable, creates predictability, and can be used to determine if you are on the right track, or off course


There are four foundational pillars when it comes to sales.

- Gathering Data
- Story
- Time Management
- Project Management


Frameworks help with decision making.  These frameworks are a core component of putting the Sales For Non-Sales Pros concepts into practice.

Design Oriented Approach

Design for customer experience, your business, and how you and your team can execute as sales pros

Find the Catalyst

The catalyst, inside an organization, cares about the problem you solve.

Sales is about connecting those dots with your customer.

Find your CATALYST.

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It's time to reduce your blind spots, and increase your confidence, when it comes to sales.


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