Hi, we're Catalyst Sale.

Catalyst Sale is a learning organization first and foremost. That’s why we care about a thinking process that enables results versus a process that tells people what to do. We aim to add value whenever we can, and our true success is measured by the sustainability of our work long after we complete a project. We surround ourselves with good company and never stop learning.

How did Catalyst Sale Come to be?

The sales profession has evolved dramatically over the past five years with new technology, social platforms, big data, and automation tools to increase efficiency. Talk to most sales leaders, and you will discover that the typical sales professional is now armed with a technology stack that can dramatically improve results. However, we also see many cases where the sales rep is working to support those tools, versus the tools working to support the sales rep.

Couple that with the same vast sea of information today’s corporate buyer has access to, and the fact that most organizations have far more complex buying process, and what becomes clear is that a sales executive’s role has also evolved. It’s less about selling products, and more about acting as a catalyst that understands how to connect the right people, at the right time, to help navigate through the noise.

Why we launched Catalyst Sale.

We work with founders and executives to build sales teams designed to harness the information and technology available to create “thinking” professionals that put these tools to work with a predictable process and proven methodology. We help avoid common pitfalls that delay revenue, and we build teams designed to scale from startup to growth.

We are Catalysts. We Connect people we know and people we meet to help create opportunity for others. We Challenge ourselves, our clients and our team, to discover what is possible. We Learn from others, others learn from us and that never stops. We Contribute our expertise to deliver results with meaningful projects that are aligned with our values. We Care about the people we work with every day and get great satisfaction from seeing them thrive.

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