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Finally reach the next level of…

performance, athletics, business, life.

Many of us want to reach that next performance goal, deepen that relationship, save money for that house or dream trip or get that big promotion. Just as many of us get stuck when trying to meet these goals. And so, days, weeks, months go by without any type of G.A.M.E Plan.

Not any more!

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If the status quo isn't cutting it, it's time for the G.A.M.E Plan challenge.

The G.A.M.E Plan was created for people who are ready to reach their next goal in life but don't have the plan or system to do it on their own.

The G.A.M.E Plan challenge can help you build a plan to... 

  • Start your own business
  • Make the team
  • Grow your savings
  • Lose that extra 15 pounds
  • Move into a new house 
  • AND More!
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The Catalyst G.A.M.E Plan Challenge

Build the confidence needed to complete your next goal. Trust yourself to make it to the next level. Together we will build a plan that you can use to reach each your goals


Let's Create Your G.A.M.E Plan


Right away we work through one of the things that most athletes struggle with - creating a clear and specific goal.


Once you've determined your specific goal, we will work through the process of reaching the goal. All necessary activities will create your GAME Plan.


Ensuring you are on the right track requires tracking your progress. To track your progress, you will need to set measurable metrics.


This is the fun part - executing on the activities determined. Don't give up here because you have everything you need to be successful.

The G.A.M.E Plan 15 Day Challenge is for you if you are ready to...

✓ Understand how to break down a goal into the right incremental activities. 

✓ Understand how to measure what matters for your goals, so you hit the target every time. 

✓ Build a daily practice you can stick with after the program is over. 

✓ Create a system you can use over and over with confidence. 

✓ Stop overcomplicating the goal-setting process so you can feel the satisfaction of getting big work done. 

✓ Have intention in your actions, so you don't feel like you are just getting through the day.

✓ Create a map so you know where you are going and can hold yourself accountable.



Mike Simmons

The G.A.M.E Plan is a system I created to help the teams I've worked with create alignment and achieve their goals.

It is the system I use to execute on my goals.

Using this system, I have created clarity and alignment within teams of 45+ people. I have lost weight, gained it back, and lost it again. :)

Launched an online course - Demystify Sales.

Placed first for my age group in a local triathlon.

Built a business, rebuilt a business, and helped others build their business plans.

Along the way, I learned it doesn't matter what the goal is, it's the process that matters. Which is why I started teaching the process to other people. 


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