Business Owners should not fail, because they struggle with Sales.




The Catalyst Sale Revenue Operations Framework and Foundational Sales Skills will help you CREATE your PERSONAL SALES PLAYBOOK

This is what others are saying

"For most of my 19-year sales career, I've sought to continuously improve my processes.  This has lead me down a number of paths as it relates to seller journeys, buyer journeys, org charts and everything in between. What many of the methodologies I encountered had in common, was that they seemed to add complexity when simplicity is what I sought.  Enter the "Demystify Sales" course.  Through this course, what felt like it should be simple, actually became so. Mike makes such sense of what's necessary to identify gaps in my process, that what I'm learning is immediately actionable and effective. Mike covers everything from thinking and planning, to execution while including essential tools to help accelerate learning.  Instead of scripting, Mike introduces an on-point framework that makes gaps evident, prompting me to creatively consider the questions I need to ask to fill them.  I strongly recommend this course for every stage of a sales career, from casual contemplation to veteran pro."

DeJuan A. Brown


The class Mike has put together arms those looking for a tactical approach to building a sales strategy. Regardless of your sales experience, if you invest the time to meaningfully work through this course, you will yield confidence in execution and ultimately close more sales.

Camille Clemons



You have established yourself as a professional in your own area of expertise.

This may be in Engineering, Product, Marketing, Learning & Development, or the Military.

 Your skills can make a significant impact on your customers. You want to work with more customers.


Can you relate to these statements?

  • The desire to find a faster method
  • The search for an easier approach
  • Inconsistency in forecasting
  • A lack of predictability in success
  • The belief that there is another way
  • A lack in confidence when it comes to sales
  • Thinking, if they only knew about this feature, or that feature, they would make the decision to buy.


I have been in your shoes.


The more you talk, the greater the confusion.
The more you explain, the greater the disconnect.

The customer says “Send me some information" and then - they don’t follow through on their commitments.

I had the pleasure of working with Mike this spring. As a small business owner with, let's face it, a bit of a fear of sales, his process made it a lot more manageable for me. Through his content, support and thoughtful approach, he reduced the stress of even thinking about sales - because I'm a learning and development specialist, not a sales specialist so sales was a scary world to me! It was incredible the insight this course gave me, beyond defining a sales process that works for me. I gained a new appreciation and focus for my business, and with a growing team, that's important!

Jacqueline Hutchinson



I’ve been fortunate enough to see this course while it was in development, and it’s really, really good. It’s thoughtfully and beautifully designed, and those who take it will have a more functional, action-oriented approach to selling. Check it out.

Jeff Bajorek

Hi - I'm Mike Simmons.

I’ve been fortunate enough to spend time in operations, implementation success, customer success, sales, and sales leadership.

I’ve had the opportunity to build sales teams starting from pre-revenue (0-1) and as we have created specialization.

Over this time, a number of foundational items have remained true regardless of size of company, scope of solution, or value of the contract.

Sales is sales.

it is about connecting the dots between a problem and a solution.

Whether the problem is known or unknown, or the solution is known or unknown.

The methods we discuss in this course will help you build your own plan and build your skills.

I thoroughly enjoyed working through this course - lots of great learnings!

Ross Van Wyk

I’ve been there. The false starts, the stalls.

Wondering how much opportunity you're missing out on.
There is a solution.

You can solve this problem through process, frameworks, methods, and skills.

Know Your Customer, Know Your Business, Know Your Approach

Research, Story, Time Management, and Project Management

The Model That Works

This is NOT Impossible

Others Have Walked This Path Before

"There is nothing new, but what we have forgotten" - Marie Antoinette

"Definition of Insanity is Doing the Same Thing, and Expecting Different Results" - 

Albert Einstein

"Failure to Plan is a Plan to Fail" -

Ben Franklin


"Fortune Favors the Bold" -



You Can Do This - DO THE WORK

There are no shortcuts, no quick fixes, but there are good processes, practice, and methods.


A defined process can make all the difference. It is repeatable, creates predictability, and can be used to determine if you are on the right track, or off course


There are four foundational pillars when it comes to sales.

✓ Gathering Data
✓ Story
✓ Time Management
✓Project Management


Frameworks help with decision making.  These frameworks are a core component of putting the Sales For Non-Sales Pros concepts into practice


This course will help you improve your capability and capacity when it comes to sales.  Once you have completed the course, the putting it into practice sessions, and the associated calls to action you will have a playbook you can refer to as you build out your sales plan.

My Promise To You


If, after putting this into practice, doing the work, and executing, you do not see your business growing in a way that excites you. I will provide two additional 25 min coaching sessions, where we will work through your course work, test methods, and iterate as necessary to get you on the right path.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are a seasoned sales professional, and you are confident in your capabilities, this course is likely not for you.

If you are looking for a better way, you stumble on things that you think come easy to others, and you want to grow your business.  This course is for you.

If, after putting this into practice, doing the work, and executing, you do not see your business growing in a way that excites you.  Mike will provide two additional 25 min coaching sessions, where we will work through your course work, test methods, and iterate as necessary to get you on the right path.

The course is organized in 9 Sections.

Introduction, Know Your Customer, Know Your Business, Know Your Approach, Gathering Data, Story, Time Management, Project Management, and Bringing it All Together.

Each section includes an initial overview, a putting it into practice recording, and calls to action.

The course includes access to all of the videos, note cards, workbook, account plan, call plan, and territory plan templates, and individual fill-in-the-blank notes for each main section.

The community is also included.  We will share updates to the course via the community and answer questions.

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