Stop setting the same goals over and over...


Finally, in just 15 days, build the system to accomplish your biggest goals.

Yes! Show Me How

What if you could reach any goal you set without fail?


The G.A.M.E Plan is a proven method for anyone looking to reach the next level of their potential through goal setting and execution.

We aren't talking about traditional goal setting, we are talking about goal setting for high performers that are fed up with the status quo.


I Want to Reach My Goals
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Tanner Brock

“Mike takes the practice of goal setting that can be frustrating and overinflated and breaks it down to a tactical approach. I will use this method of goalsetting moving forward.”

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Will Weiss

“If you’re looking for an easily digestible process for defining goals, breaking them down into manageable actions, and then focusing on long-term execution I definitely recommend giving this one a go.”

Reach your goals using the G.A.M.E. Plan

The G.A.M.E Plan for goal-setting and execution is a proven system for clarifying goals and breaking them up in a way you can finally accomplish them.

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Right away we work through one of the things that most people struggle with - creating a clear and specific goal.


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Once the goal is determined, we will work through the process of reaching the goal. All necessary activities will create your G.A.M.E Plan.

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Ensuring you are on the right track requires tracking your progress. To track your progress, you will need to set measurable metrics.

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This is the fun part - executing on the activities determined. Don't give up here because you have everything you need to be successful.

Define your goals...

Most people have a list of goals they've not achieved because traditional goal-setting has failed them. 

If you feel the pinch of unaccomplished goals or the pressure from a growing to-do list, let me introduce you to the simple-but powerful process that helped me achieve my goals.

I call it the G.A.M.E Plan for Goal-Setting and Execution

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I'm Ready!

Only $100 and 15 days.

The G.A.M.E. Plan is a blend of emails and videos to guide you through the program in 15 days. 

If you are ready, The G.A.M.E. Plan will help you...

✓ Understand how to break down a goal into the right incremental activities. 

✓ Understand how to measure what matters for your goals, so you hit the target every time. 

✓ Build a daily practice you can stick with after the program is over. 

✓ Create a system you can use over and over with confidence. 

✓ Stop overcomplicating the goal-setting process so you can feel the satisfaction of getting big work done. 

✓ Have intention in your actions, so you don't feel like you are just getting through the day.

✓ Create a map so you know where you are going and can hold yourself accountable. 


Yes, help me achieve my goals

It's Time for a G.A.M.E. Plan:


One-time payment

  • 15 days of guidance to achieve your goal.
  • Course material delivered directly to your inbox to allow you to take quick action. 
  • After 15 days, you can use the content again to take on your next goal. 
  • Content is a mix of emails and videos.
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Hi, I'm Mike Simmons.

The G.A.M.E Plan is a process I created to help the teams I've worked with create alignment and achieve their goals.
It is the process I use to execute on my goals.

Using this process, I have created clarity and alignment within teams of 45+ people. I have lost weight, gained it back, and lost it again. :)

Launched an online course - Demystify Sales.

Placed first for my age group in a local triathlon.

Built a business, rebuilt a business, and helped others build their business plans.

Along the way, I learned it doesn't matter what the goal is, it's the process that matters. Which is why I started teaching the process to other people.